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Known Worldwide

I can offer you an international reputation as a expert on rapid hypnotism, stress elimination, problem solving, mindset methods, barrier elimination, performance and personal change - either for one person or for an entire workforce.
I have partnerships with multi-million pound businesses through my innovative systems - For example I created "Fly And Be Calm"™ which is partnered with Thomas Cook Airlines and a number of major UK airports. My work is also being used in a number of UK schools for specialist education provision and is getting rave reviews. ( There are other projects underway.
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"Personally and in business, hypnotism and other powerful methods can do hundreds of things for you that you never even thought of." - Tim Phizackerley

Expert Reviews

"The best workshop that I've ever attended. Tim's teaching is very interesting and extremely well pitched and taught. Tim has a vast amount of crucial knowledge and it's great for him to teach this in such a humble way. Keep up the fantastic work Tim! Many thanks!!! It means a great deal."
      Ritchie Cates - Oil Industry Consultant - Norfolk - UK

"I have studied hypnosis and the subconscious mind for 20 plus years. Tim Phizackerley's encyclopedic knowledge of the subconscious mind, hypnosis, and therapy has opened my eyes to concepts that I have never considered until recently. Tim's passion and understanding of the human mind makes him one of the most experienced therapist and teachers that I have ever encountered. Thanks to Tim's teaching and guidance, I can truly say that I have become an even better hypnotist."
      Chris Hart - NLP Practitioner & Hypnotist- Orlando, Florida, USA

"When it comes to reprogramming or repatterning the subconscious to help people overcome seemingly impossible odds, Tim is constantly breaking barriers and providing personal therapy as well as self help tools that are groundbreaking.
Without Tim's guidance, instruction and unique tools, I know I would be stuck at a low level of success in helping to guide others in my practice. He and his work are definitely a gift to humanity!"
      Jeff Harding - Barrier Elimination Coach - Waikoloa, Hawaii

"I was fortunate to come across Tim and his methods in the last few years. I believe his unique original work can only be described as a quantum leap in therapy which is so far ahead of the rest of the game that, if you are therapist, you absolutely need to study with him and learn his methods if you want to give your clients the greatest relief/change in the shortest amount of time possible.
If you are a client, even if you have tried a number of different options to deal with whatever it is you are facing, I cannot recommend a visit to Tim highly enough.
You will be in the safe hands of one of the world's top therapists with the most cutting edge therapy tool kit at this disposal.
He isn't someone who has just been on glamorous training courses, but someone who is at the forefront of this field, blazing the way forward."
      Peter Owen - Psychologist - Leigh, Lancashire, England

"A thought provoking journey through a profound self help process by a master of his craft."
      Andrew Shields - Manager - UK

"Thanks to Tim the hypnotist (as he is now known, also Doctor Tim to us!) for coming in to cure Mike's LIFT PHOBIA, which we tested out in full view off shoppers in the CORNMILL SHOPPING CENTRE, it really does work and now Mike and family can give the stairs a miss!"
      Alpha FM Radio Breakfast Show. (Now part of Star Radio)

"Tim's extensive knowledge and understanding of the workings of the mind is remarkable, and this is reflected in the products he creates. Tim, thank you for sharing your insights and talents; the world is a better place because of you."
      Bridget Edwards - Anger Management Expert, Author & Speaker - Johannesburg, South Africa

"Two words sum up Tim Phizackerley's contribution: genius and generous. ...Thank you, Tim!"
      Carolyn Yoder - Trauma Specialist & Trainer - Virginia USA

"Dear Tim, I think you are so wonderful for offering free to everyone, your brilliant,brilliant tutorial on physical pain, and I just wanted to Thank You So Much for it. I have listened to it multiple times, and every time I listen I hear something else amazing on it that I've never heard anywhere else. Like your time machine and the control room of your mind - wow.

And the information about imagination, and self talk, and expecting success, and how your subconscious creates your reality, oh my goodness, this is so different than anything else I've ever heard that my mind seems to have gone into some kind of a white fog trying to process it. But I honestly think this is some of the most important information I've ever heard, will be life changing.!"
      Dove Heart - USA

"Having had the opportunity to train with Tim Phizackerley in person I would heartily recommend anyone with the opportunity to do so to grab it with both hands. Tim has an amazing knowledge of how the mind works and has developed fantastic and innovative ways to work on self and others. What's more his methods make perfect sense when he explains them to you. Tim is a very good teacher and can explain things in such a clear and simple way that they begin to seem obvious and self-evident. Why didn't I think of that? I asked myself. He's also a very nice, down-to-earth bloke. So take the opportunity to train with Tim. It just makes sense."
      Patrick Molloy (The Food Hypnotist) Surrey - UK.

"I had not yet encountered the Cascade Release or PSTEC Negative before last week, but I downloaded both & I love them! You are a genius."
      April Adams - Author USA

"Dear Tim, I wanted to thank you for what you did for me today. Having tea in Costa after the class I remembered one of the suggestions you made, that I would be totally focused for the rest of the course. It occurred to me that my concentration had been better this afternoon than I have ever known it except for sometimes totally focused in tests when my whole future was at stake. As a result I got a tremendous amount out of the day, not to mention being completely in the moment for every minute of it. I cannot remember getting a single distracting thought, worry or thinking of anything except the point at hand. It was quite simply lovely and my mind now still feels relaxed.

Your teaching rocks and so do your ideas."
      Katey Nixon - Teacher UK

"Tim Phizackerly has helped thousands of people worldwide both as a Therapist and a Teacher, excelling at both. I am very proud to be associated with him and honoured to endorse him."
      Douglas Allitt - NLP Expert and Professional Coach - Langwarrin, Victoria, Australia

"I came to the workshop to look for confidence in certain areas of my life but actually left with so much more. It was great to learn about the subconscious and limiting beliefs and to be given the tools to deal with those limiting beliefs and neutralise them. Many thanks."
      Neil Wilson - Therapist Scottish Borders - UK

"I have really appreciated the tutorials created by Tim. His depth of knowledge about the workings of the human mind is incredible and he teaches in such an interesting and down to earth way that the information has really stayed with me.
The knowledge I have gained from Tim has enabled me to provide an excellent service to my clients because I have a much greater understanding about how to bypass the critical factor which in turn helps people to change unhelpful core beliefs.
Many Thanks to you Tim, you provide great teaching material at an affordable price. What a gift!"
      Jane Owen - Therapist - Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire, UK

"Tim's work will take you to a higher understanding of the mind which has never been taught before. Tim has revolutionized therapy worldwide. 'Awesome and priceless teaching'"
      Mike Wells - Video Productions For Internet, Author, Hypnotist - Morecambe, Lancashire, England

""I've been raving to the point of annoyance about this guy Tim Phizackerley... I just love his programme... It's absolutely amazing. I am in awe of his technique." "
      Cash Peters - TV Presenter & Author - California USA.     (A Cash Peters interview with Tim can be heard here).

"Tim has a wonderful ability to connect with people. He is a unique, gifted therapist. Genius in what he does, smart , professional and a forward thinker. "
      Valerie Smith - Psychotherapist - Toronto, Canada

Another Radio Interview
A very enjoyable appearance on local radio: The Drivetime Show. I was invited to discuss practical uses of hypnosis. Recording is here.

"Tim combines his vast knowledge and experiences into an elegant learning material that is easy to grasp. The way he explains certain topics in a crystal clear manner with examples is a delight. I was blown away by Tim's way of presenting the topic in his material 'Positive Secrets.' It was like a revelation that sets you totally free."
      T Sreenivasan - Coach & Consultant - Bangalaore, India

"I would recommend that any potential or established therapist take the time to study with Tim.
His knowledge on hypnotherapy and the subconscious mind are, in my opinion, second to none.
Having completed a diploma in Hypnotherapy with a different provider which left me with unanswered questions, I contacted Tim who, in just one day, made everything crystal clear."
      Bill Hinchcliffe - Practitioner - Scotland & Gibraltar

"Tim Phizackerley is a genius when it comes to understanding the human mind!
He is a gifted therapist who consistently delivers fast and effective treatment to his clients.
Additionally, Tim is an excellent teacher who goes above and beyond expectations so that, in turn, therapists such as myself can teach others how to Live Life Free and Happy!"
     Susan Cromer - Entrepreneur & Education specialist - Miami, Florida, USA

"A life-changing experience. Tim presents his ground breaking visionary ideas and concepts with great clarity, in a truly usable, user-friendly way. The learning is stripped down to the useful essence, without frills. Tim's teacjing style is warm, humorous and inclusive, and the end result is inspirational. A privilege to attend."
      Naphia Reggiani - Former Company Director & Well Being specialist - Sussex UK

"The best workshop that I've ever attended. Extremely thorough and informative. Major shifts taken place during it... Many Many Thanks""
      Anne Jackson - Darlington UK

"The best workshop that I have Attended. He gave very specific protocols and taught us how to hypnotize others and ourselves. Tim presented the information in an organized way that made sense. His sense of humour added to our days and his kindness and respect towards the participants was evident. Speaking with other participants I heard so much positive feedback about the workshop and about Tim. Thank you! "
      Elaine Corona - Counselor and Coach - New Jersey - USA

These Kind & Wonderful People Have Shared Their Experiences To Help YOU Discover What To Expect.

Clients have been extremely generous in kindly sharing their own experience for your benefit. (Sincere thanks to all of them for their generosity in doing this.)

The Benefits To You
bullet pointThe cutting edge of hypnosis is in business. You can use it for stress and anxiety, for mindset, for making goals, for better presentations, for closing sales, for performance, and lots more. If you've not used real hypnosis yet then you've doing things the hard way. Why?
bullet pointAlso, no business would choose to recruit stressed out and unhappy people. They get sick often, lack motivation, connect with problems, under-perform, argue, and fail to reach their full potential. Did you even realise that low cost pioneering methods can help you?
bullet pointMy job is to create solutions, either one to one, or methods for an entire workforce.
bullet pointHypnotic techniques can also be applied to sales techniques and copyrighting.
bullet pointI can offer you low cost, quick and easy ways to reduce stress or I can work with key staff to get them back in action, or to help you innovate, or to improve training, or to solve problems, to maximise potential and help you hit goals. You can also incorporate hypnotic principles into your training or advertising and sales.
- See Expert and Other Reviews Below

About Tim Phizackerley:

Hypnosis and Bespoke Systems to Business
Diploma with Distinction in Clinical Hypnosis
International Reputation & Endorsed by Countless Experts,
GHR Registered (Senior Qualification),
B.Ed (Honours),
MBCS CITP (Chartered Status),
Creator of PSTEC(TM)
Creator of Fly And Be Calm(TM)
Hypnosis Expert, Coach, Motivator, Teacher, Therapist and Trainer

FREE Consultations

The format of a free consultation is dependent upon the nature of the enquiry. FREE Consultations are subject to availability. Their purpose is to allow a discussion of needs and to explore the solutions which can be offered to you to meet those needs.
Terms of business for corporate work may very depending upon the nature of your request. Tim will individualise service delivery to meet you and your business requirements.

Corporate Hypnosis For Business. North East UK Based.
Tim Phizackerley Hypnosis / Snorkel-Pig Hypnosis, Enterprise House, Harmire Enterprise Park, Barnard Castle, County Durham, DL12 8XT
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