Privacy Policy & Disclaimer

This website may contain links to other websites of interest We may not have any control over those other websites or their privacy policies. This website is designed with privacy in mind and as such it does NOT use cookies. (A cookie is a small data file that consists of information sent by a web server to a web browser such as Internet Explorer or Firefox) This website does however have statistics monitoring to gather information on traffic volumes and in order for us to analyse the use of the website.
The statistical information generated is used to create internal reports and also to help improve the content and user experience of our website. We do NOT sell, distribute or lease any personal information to third parties and would only ever do so if required to do so by law.
All client enquiries are treated with the respect, and your privacy will be respected. If you are a businesses or representative booking Tim's services for an employee or client, then discussions can take place regarding the practical aspects of bookings but that is all. Tim uses a mobile phone rather than a land-line because he may be at any location. With privacy in mind we suggest that if you are an agent or business wishing to book a session for an employee, or for someone whom you represent, then you may wish to avoid leaving the clients name and simply supply your own contact details.
Where a business engages Tim's services on someone's behalf they should be aware of the following. No personal information will be given by Tim to such a party following a any one to one work, unless the individual concerned gives clear written authorisation that such is acceptable. That individual may of course wish or need to inform their agent or employer that they are happy with the session outcomes. If you have any specific security or privacy concerns or issues then please ask.
Tim will always undertake to deliver the best outcomes in any given situation but no absolute claim can be made with regards to specific outcomes in specific situations. People vary, as does their level of cooperation or commitment to their own outcomes. Also hypnosis and allied techniques can be as much an art as they are a science. All situations are different. Although Tim is widely endorsed as being highly knowledgeable in his areas of expertise his views and experience are highly unique and therefore they may not square with conventionally accepted scientific viewpoints. As such Tim takes a real world attitude and prefers to be assessed based on the real world outcomes which is produces.